Forensic Collections

Consistent with McGlynn Associates, PLC’s extensive litigation and trial experience, the attorneys of the Firm are diligent and capable collection attorneys. As the age old legal adage goes, “A judgment is not worth the paper it is written on.” After success at trial a litigant is still left with the challenge of collecting on the money judgment obtained. Collection on money judgments is an art form, hence the term “forensic collections”. The Firm’s attorneys are capable of methodically removing the layers of “asset protection” that a judgment debtor may have put in place to protect relevant assets, utilizing the full force and effect of present State and Federal Collection Law.

It is very common for judgment plaintiffs to use one or possibly several tools in order to pursue a debtor. McGlynn Associates, PLC utilizes all available remedies in order to make collection on a judgment a reality.

Collection activities can also be relevant to a business owner pre-litigation. Our attorneys’ are versed in assisting our clients in impressing upon our potential opponent that financial obligations to our clients are required to be priority one.

If you are a business that is owed an obligation by another business or individual, the attorneys at McGlynn Associates, PLC are capable of the swiftest and most assertive response which will go right to your business’ bottom line.