Non Competition Law

McGlynn Associates, PLC’s attorneys are experts in the niche area of Non-Competition Law. The status of Federal and State Non-Competition Law is multi-faceted involving multiple elements that must be considered both in connection with enforcing non-competition agreements, and defending against their enforcement. McGlynn Associates, PLC’s keen understanding of the broad status of Non-Competition Law and its enforceability in the State and Federal Courts gives the Firm the ability to swiftly understand how non-competition agreements will work and/or be enforceable in connection with any one business venture, whether you are a business which requires its employees to be under a non-competition agreement, or you are a business which is considering hiring a key employee who may be restrained under a non-competition agreement. There is no substitute for experience in connection with the enforcement, prosecution or defense of non-competition agreements and McGlynn Associates, PLC has this demonstrated experience.