Outside General Counsel

For the vast majority of our clients, McGlynn Associates, PLC acts as outside General Counsel; meaning, we are succinctly available to address the vast majority of our business client’s legal needs as if a Principal of any one of our business clients walked down the hall into our offices. Our Firm is just that accessible and we rate service of this type of the highest priority.

Our Firm will accept nothing less than absolute confidence in our business Principals’ and owners’ minds that when a legal issue arises, their Firm is immediately available, prepared to take immediate action, and can “put the ball into the end zone”, regardless of what the need may be.

Notwithstanding the fact that attorneys are licensed professionals, our attorneys take the approach that the practice of law is ultimately a service and we must pay close attention to serving our client in the most expeditious, effective and result oriented manner we possibly can. Our clients have come to know us as being successful in this regard and this has been the basis upon which McGlynn Associates, PLC has forged its outside General Counsel relationship with the Firm’s clients.