Uniform Commercial Code

As many business owners are aware, the Michigan and Federal Uniform Commercial Code are the “Bible” for the method and manner in which businesses deal with each other in connection with the purchase and sale of goods, and the rights and obligations of parties to such transactions. It is critical that a business be able to rely upon expert advice in connection with their rights and obligations in any transaction in which the Uniform Commercial Code is applicable, and a law firm must be able to advise their client accordingly. McGlynn Associates, PLC is that firm.

Our broad experience in representing both sellers and purchasers in connection with UCC issues and disputes enables us to provide timely, on-point advice to businesses and their owners which assists in navigating around obstacles, shoring up business relationships with a Seller or Purchaser, as well as facilitating payment for goods sold or services rendered under the UCC.

The attorneys of McGlynn Associates, PLC speak the language of the Uniform Commercial Code and can assist your business with these issues which may arise, depending on your business, on a day-to-day basis.